About John Rogers Sport


Where to start?

Well … my name is John Rogers. I’m a 21 year old English Literature graduate from the University of Hull, England.

It may not come as a huge surprise to you, but, I’m a sports fanatic. As I rapidly approach a quarter of a century upon this earth, I have rarely been spotted without either a bat in my hand or ball at my feet.  Unfortunately, my playing days are well behind me. My footballing career was eventful if brief, few starts and plentiful own goals. In truth I didn’t set the world alight at cricket either boasting a paltry batting average of 14.71, a figure that was boosted by a series of not outs. What’s more, in my stubborn refusal to be removed from the crease, I usually accumulated these runs over the course of 20 overs.

Joking aside, I have maintained an avid interest in as many sports as I get can my hands on. I intend to break through in the fiercely competitive world of sports journalism and this blog, in part, will help me get there.

Over the course of the next months, I’ll be writing articles and be doing my best to get my hands on as much exclusive audio to support and enhance those stories. If you like what you read, hit the follow buttons on both WordPress and Twitter @JohnRogersSport to spread the word.

Thanks in anticipation

John Rogers Sport



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