Tigers Tie in with Prince’s Trust

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It is common knowledge that countless young people are struggling to find employment in Britain, today. It is unsurprising to learn that many become quickly disheartened and believe that their efforts are futile. On occasion the difficulties with finding a job are paired with home pressures and can become overwhelming.

Thankfully, The Prince’s Trust have teamed up with Hull City AFC to build confidence in people aged between 14 and 30 in spectacular style. Monday 9th December marks the beginning of a week long course that will enable people with big ambitions to improve their CVs. What’s more, all the activities are unfolding inside the KC stadium meaning that avid football fans have been given an extra incentive to improve their career prospects. The event will help enhance the following skills:

  • Peer Coaching
  • FA Coaching Level 1 Badge
  • CV writing skills
  • Classroom based activities
  • First Aid

The Tigers Trust is aware that people with low self-esteem may be less inclined to get involved and consequently are offering a taster day on Thursday 5th December. Fiona Whitley, Programme Executive in the North of England, says that the introductory morning will “allow each and every person to have their needs catered for”, to establish a relationship with the those running the course. Speaking at Hull’s Creator College, Whitley stressed the importance of building “rapport” with others and subsequently boosting communicative skills. On behalf of the Prince’s Trust, she furthermore suggested that the Get Started with Football project offers people a “safe environment for people to grow and develop in”.

Hull have begun brightly on their return to the Barclays Premier League and are sitting comfortably in 12th place. Their footballing stars will be looking to instill this positivity in job seekers  at the beginning of December, and there’s reason to believe that there’s plenty of optimism on the east coast of England.


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